Motto :- We don’t aim to be ordinary, good enough is not enough, brilliance is the target!

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The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Mrs. Stewart

My name is Mrs. Asharee Stewart who hails from the fishing community of Alligator Pond in the parish of Manchester. The mantra that keeps me balanced is with Christ in the vessel then I can smile at the storm. I can say without reservation that I am a naturally shy and reserved person but as I get older I’ve become bold and outgoing. I am easy to get along with, trustworthy, helpful, kind, loving, and hard working. I take whatever I do very seriously. My favourite color is red. In my spare time I like to read novels or watch movies. When I was growing up two things that interested me the most were (1) early childhood education and (2) cosmetology. Though I love cosmetology, being with the babies means more to me. My interest naturally is my greatest passion and as a child that was all I wanted to do. Getting older I strayed from my calling, but I managed to find my way back to my first love. I feel so alive when I am around children. I always say that children are easier to talk with and they will tell you exactly how they feel. I must say that I am proud to be one of the teachers at South Starz Academy. South Starz Academy is an esteemed institution that is loved by not only the parents and students but by other schools in and around the Junction area. This school under the stewardship of our board members and principal put a great product and service together in creating a holistic learning environment for students. This institution is the home of champions, our school motto says it all – ‘We do not aim to be ordinarily good, enough is not enough but brilliance is the target.