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South Starz Academy
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Goldsmith Hall

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We plan to construct a new facility, which will consist of a library, I.T department, science laboratory, arts & crafts department, auditorium, studios, cafeteria, medical room, staff room, administrative offices and boarding accommodation. We’ll implement an active development program to keep South Starz Academy on the cutting edge of educational practices.

We also plan to build a football court, swimming pool, tennis court and an athletic track. St Elizabeth is known as ‘the food basket parish’ and development of a farm is part of our vision to help the school to become self-sufficient.

Music is also at the heart of the Academy and the development of an orchestra and band will add to the determination we have to see our students’ lives continue to thrive.

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Through the generous support of donors, companies, trusts and government sources, South Starz Academy is able to offer a dynamic learning environment full of engaging experiences and programs.

The South Starz Academy, more than ever, is focused on ensuring that our excellent services are open to all children and families.

You will enrich the life of many children by helping the Academy with a gift of energy, funds and resources.

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Start you own scholarship at starz

This initiative is rewarding for our donors as well as our students. Your donation can be personalized to create your own scholarship at South Starz Academy, whereby each year you will be able to award students with a monetary amount that enables them to access our programs and resources that they wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise.

If you would like more information, please click the button below to register your interest.

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Build a classroom

In honor of our generous donors, this is an opportunity to leave a legacy with South Starz Academy. As it’s never been done before, we're opening the opportunity for you to design a classroom and have it built to your own customised style. The classroom will be named after you with a plaque engraved with your name on at the entrance. You'll also be able to choose the suppliers for the interior of the classroom including: colour, tables, chairs, whiteboard, equipment etc.

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